Why You Really Need a Mattress

The right mattress is hugely important for your health. If the mattress does not fit, then the bones will not be sufficiently supported and the muscles will not be able to relax. Especially the intervertebral discs are suffering. The result: back pain. Therefore, you should pay attention to some tips when buying a new mattress.

Harnesses are not standardized

On almost all mattresses you will find information about how hard or soft the feeling of lying is. These hardness specifications are not standardized. Although there is a scale with hardness ratios of one to ten however, it is not regulated from which number a mattress is soft or very soft.

The specification of the degree of hardness is therefore not very meaningful and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Until there is no uniform standard, the consumer has no choice but to lie as a test and to try many different variants.

Hard or soft mattress

Both hard and soft mattresses have disadvantages: with a hard bed, the body is forced to constantly change its postures and the spine cannot be properly supported. If the bed is too soft, freedom of movement is restricted and the spine hangs. Therefore, the right degree of hardness must first be found for each person. For best mattresses for back painthis is the best deal now - best mattress for side sleepers

In general, while it is true that heavy people are better off on a hard surface, as they can sink heavily on a soft mattress. Nevertheless, even a heavier person can choose a softer mattress if the reclining features match. The most important thing is to be comfortable and healthy on the mattress.

Spine should be supported

There is not a perfect mattress. Each body is built differently and the mattress must fit the individual. A good and suitable mattress can be recognized by the fact that it gives way to the buttocks and shoulders easily. When lying on the back, the spine should be preserved in its natural form and not be bent.

Therefore, in people with flat backs or hollow backs, the mattress should support and not affect this shape. When lying on the side, the mattress should give way in the shoulder and pelvic area so that the vertebrae on the back form a straight, horizontal line. The spine should not bend up or sag down

Do not use a mattress for two people

Each person is built differently and requires tailored to the physique mattress. So also with couples who sleep together in a bed. It should therefore be purchased two mattresses, so that each back receives the optimal sleeping pad. You may also be able to sleep on a common mattress - but then you should make sure that it is point elastic. This means that areas of the mattress give way individually without affecting the surrounding area.

Do not stick to habits

When buying a new mattress you should not be influenced by habits. Therefore, material hardness or mattress height should not be predetermined. Otherwise, it may happen that the best suitable mattress is excluded from the outset.

Instead, one can consider before the purchase, which complaints have occurred while sleeping, for example, back or neck pain. These complaints consider good sales people in the consultation. In addition, the price should be neglected at the beginning, because this can have a strong influence. It should be paid to the test lying exclusively on the feeling of lying.

Take a lot of time

For the mattress purchase a lot of time should be brought, because to find the optimal mattress, different models should be tried. An individual mattress consultation with necessary explanations and extensive travel can therefore take up to one hour. A good consultant usually knows after three to five attempts which ergonomic fit a body has and which mattresses are suitable.

Not in the evening
When testing, care should be taken that the usual sleeping position is taken. This is the only way to find out if the mattress is too soft or hard and how comfortable the mattress is. The seller should unpack the mattress beforehand as the plastic packaging can affect the feeling of lying.

In addition, it is not advisable to try in the evening: Since you are already tired at this time of day anyway, you just feel that lying down is pleasant. The decision is only made more difficult.

Do not fall for promises

Many mattresses are advertised with elaborate cutting techniques and beautiful surfaces. However, the appearance of a mattress does not allow any conclusions about the quality. In advertising, for example, surfaces are advertised with nubs that serve a soft feeling and the removal of sweat. As soon as a person lies down on the mattress, however, the nubs sink and the material presses together. As a result, the mattress not only harder, the moisture cannot be removed between the pimples.

Very elaborate and filigree cutting techniques, in which many holes are cut in the foam, can even adversely affect the durability of the mattress. Therefore, a simple or nonexistent cutting technique is not an indication of bad lying or material quality.

Ask for the right of return

Whether a mattress actually fits optimally can usually only be found out after several days of test lying. Therefore, one should ask when buying if a return possible. Although legally there is no right of exchange, some sellers are very accommodating. For security, the goodwill agreement should be noted on the bill.

If the mattress is purchased on the Internet or by telephone, the Distance Selling Act will apply. You can unpack and test the product at home, the way you would in the business. If you do not like the mattress, you can return it within a period of two weeks. This period is valid from receipt of the goods.
Insurance - If you also take out insurance with your new mattress, you should know exactly what it covers. Many do not cover accidental damage.

Many of these additional extras are negotiable and are used as an incentive in case the sales representative tries to close a sale. It is important to mention that you are getting the best deals. It shows that you are making a well-considered purchase and are ready to buy the best deal.

You can also negotiate the price. Ask the sales representative "Is this your best price?". There are almost certainly additional offers that the seller can make, especially if he knows that it would mean the difference between selling and leaving.

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